The EAM Special Edition Pointoselect: The Best All-Around Electro-Acupuncture Device

The EAM Special Edition Pointoselect: The Best All Around Electro-Acupuncture Device

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Imagine that just by using a different device, you could elevate your Electro-Acupuncture treatments to new heights.

Embark on a transformative journey with this blog, video, and our free downloadable guide, which will navigate you through groundbreaking approaches, revolutionizing patient care and yielding exceptional outcomes by harnessing the capabilities of the EAM Special Edition Pointoselect.

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Introduction: Pioneering Electro-Acupuncture Medicine

The EAM Special Edition Pointoselect starts a new chapter in electro-acupuncture for pain management, reducing inflammation, and restoring charge, ultimately sparking cellular regeneration.

The EAM Special Edition Pointoselect has a unique combination of advanced features, it's poised to be one of the best acupuncture devices, and is very reasonably priced. This blog post delves into the innovative Pointoselect features that seamlessly blend with acupuncture technology, providing an educational yet exciting introduction to this unparalleled device.

The Pointoselect Difference: A Fusion of Precision and Power

In the realm of electro-acupuncture benefits, the Pointoselect stands in a league of its own. This device is not just a step but a giant leap in the evolution of acupuncture treatment innovation. With its state-of-the-art precise bipolar acupoint finder, the Pointoselect ensures seamless connectivity with needles, heralding a new era of treatment efficiency and patient comfort.

But where the Pointoselect truly distinguishes itself is in its waveform. Engineered with a remarkable understanding of biophysics, the device's biphasic current is tuned to the body's natural electrical physiology. 

This nuanced approach allows for a level of communication with the body's systems that was previously unattainable. 

The higher voltage of the Pointoselect is particularly significant when it comes to reaching and influencing deep-seated disease processes. 

Traditional devices often struggle to penetrate beyond superficial layers, leaving deeper issues unaddressed. However, the Pointoselect's advanced engineering ensures that its therapeutic current can reach these areas more effectively, offering a promise of relief for conditions that might otherwise be difficult to treat.

Moreover, This increased voltage does not compromise safety or comfort; instead, it works within the body's own electrical constraints to encourage a more profound healing response. 

By aligning with the body's inherent bioelectric nature, the Pointoselect facilitates a healing process that is both deep-reaching and holistic. This alignment enhances the electro-acupuncture efficacy, resulting in treatment outcomes that are both rapid and sustainable.

Such capabilities are especially crucial when dealing with chronic diseases, where the body's natural healing mechanisms can be sluggish or blocked. The Pointoselect's higher voltage waveform energizes these pathways, effectively ‘waking up' the body's internal healing response. This can result in a more robust immune system reaction, faster tissue repair, and a quicker return to homeostasis.

The Pointoselect's design embodies a profound understanding of human physiology and the principles of electricity as they relate to healing. It's about more than just the delivery of electric stimuli—it's about harmonizing with the body to unlock its innate healing power, thereby enhancing the efficacy of electro-acupuncture therapy through superior waveform design and the transformative power of higher voltage treatment.


Out with the Old: The Technological Leap Over Ito and Pantheon

The Pointoselect represents not merely an improvement but an invention of acupuncture electric stimulation. Unlike its predecessors, the Ito and Pantheon, which are limited by high amperage and low voltage, the Pointoselect introduces a special type of electricity, called E-Qi, that resonates deeply with the body's sophisticated circuitry.

The human body is a highly discerning electrical system, one that harmonizes with the frequencies that it needs and filters out those it doesn't. This is called a High-Q circuit.

By delivering hundreds of frequencies and frequency resonances by using 2 devices for the same treatment, the body selectively absorbs the ones it requires for healing and regeneration. This process leads to a dramatic enhancement in overall health, allowing for the reversal of disease processes, cellular regeneration, and significant improvements in the body's biological terrain.

This is called the frequency resonance harmonic blanketing effect. By embracing the body's bioelectrical nature, the Pointoselect delivers a more profound, more resonant therapeutic impact.

This isn't just stimulation; it's a conversation with the body's cells, telling them to awaken to their innate healing capabilities, repair, regenerate, and restore the body to a state of balanced health.


Pointoselect in Clinical Practice

The Pointoselect digital takes its place as an essential element in electro-acupuncture therapy. For practitioners, the Pointoselect is the tool of choice for all EAM treatments, a comprehensive system that allows for the effective diagnosis and treatment of a vast array of diseases.

By assessing the quality of the acupuncture channel system, tissues, and neural levels, the diagnostic capabilities of this machine bring about breakthrough patient results when used with proper technique and understanding.


Training and Mastery

Unlocking the full potential of the Pointoselect goes beyond basic operation; it requires a deep understanding of Electric Medicine and its role in restoring health.

Electro-Acupuncture training and Electro-Acupuncture classes are not merely educational opportunities; they are transformative experiences that equip practitioners with the ability to address the underlying electrical deficiencies, ‘E-Qi', that manifest as disease.

All diseases can be viewed as a breakdown in the body's terrain, a disruption that often stems from a deficiency in ‘E-Qi'. This specific kind of energy, characterized by its voltage, amperage, frequency, and waveform, is vital for maintaining cellular integrity and function. The EAM Special Edition Pointoselect is a tool that delivers this essential ‘E-Qi', targeting the electrical shortages that lead to illness.

In chronic diseases, where cells falter in regeneration or function, the provision of sufficient energy is crucial. It's the primary catalyst for cellular repair and rejuvenation. Coupled with the necessary raw building blocks, like iodine for thyroid function, ‘E-Qi' can revitalize failing systems, reinstating the body's innate capacity for healing and maintenance.

Through comprehensive training, practitioners learn to wield the Pointoselect not just as a device but as a deliverer of life-sustaining ‘E-Qi,' offering patients a foundational element for health restoration and disease reversal. This approach heralds a new paradigm in medicine.



Conclusion: Embracing the Next Wave of Electric Medicine with the EAM Special Edition Pointoselect

The EAM Special Edition Pointoselect is more than just an electro-acupuncture machine; It represents a significant leap forward, offering a professional acupuncture tool that brings the ancient art of acupuncture into the modern era of medicine. As we move forward, the Pointoselect stands as a beacon of innovation, guiding practitioners to new heights of healing and patient care.


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