Marketing For Acupuncturists: How To Get Your Phones Ringing

Marketing For Acupuncturists: How To Get Your Phones Ringing

“ How do I get the phones ringing?” — This is probably the question I get asked most frequently whenever I share tips on marketing for Acupuncturists. And I get it…

After all what’s the point of having the best phone & consultation scripts, presenting like a medical professional, and having the most high-end looking clinic if your phones are not ringing in the first place.

That said, let’s now dive into the video.


Marketing your Acupuncture Practice

Quick side note:  In my Acupuncture Business Mastery Program, I teach something called “The Patient Attraction Triangle”. It consists of online, traditional, and outreach marketing.

All of them are important and they all work. But, what I want to talk about today is your marketing budget. And yes, you need to have one, especially if you want to run a highly successful cash-based practice. 

I know this firsthand because I struggled for many years in a practice that was barely meeting my needs. 

Fast forward to this day, my clinic is now filled with happy patients who get great results. Best of all, my practice now generates 5X what I had been making… and a big part of this success is thanks to marketing. 

Now, I’m helping practitioners just like you take years off of learning how to run a highly profitable practice while taking back your time and freedom.

That said, let’s get back to marketing and your marketing budget.


How Much Should You Budget For Your Marketing?

I typically recommend that you budget at least 10% of your revenue for your marketing. But this comes with a caveat. 

If your practice is doing $75k a year, that equates to $7,500 for marketing. If you're doing nothing for marketing right now, that $7,500 is going to help. But if you want to build a practice that does $250k or more, that $7,500 is going to be a drop in the bucket.

Simply put, if you want to have a highly successful practice, you have to spend that way on marketing. 

This may be a little breathtaking. It may feel like jumping off a cliff, hoping the parachute is going to open, but this is often what growth feels like. 

You can certainly start with a smaller budget, build it up over time as your practice gets a little bit busier, but that takes time — maybe even years to get where you want to be.

The other option is to spend a bit more than you're comfortable with, accelerate the process, and you get there much sooner.


One Last Question Before You Go…

What if those years you spent slowly building up your practice and marketing budget were years that you were making 20, 30, even $50k a month? 

How would your practice and your life change? 

Give it a thought.

Finally, I mentioned earlier that my Acupuncture Business Mastery Program is where I deep dive into all the secrets & strategies that took me from struggling to successful.

If you’d like to know when the next cohort of the program begins, go here.

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See you around, 

Steven Hoffman, L.Ac., Dipl. OM


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