Treating Disease Through Dental Electro-Acupuncture

Treating Disease through Dental Electro-Acupuncture


The intriguing world of electric medicine is constantly evolving. One of the most exciting developments of recent times is the discovery of the intimate relationship between dental health and overall well-being, furthermore, the fact that each tooth is connected to a specific acupuncture channel. This revelation is fundamental to our understanding of Treating Disease through Dental Acupuncture. This blog will delve into this groundbreaking approach and the revolutionary techniques it introduces for holistic healing.


The Foundation of Disease: An Electrical Deficiency

According to this revolutionary approach, all diseases originate from a deficiency of electricity, also known as E-Qi in the realm of Electro-Acupuncture Medicine. This lack of E-Qi is not localized but spreads through the interconnected network of our body, impacting our overall health.


Understanding the Dental Acupuncture Channel Connection

The Dental Acupuncture Channel Connection is an essential concept to comprehend when we discuss treating diseases through dental acupuncture. It's known that acupuncture channels, or meridians, run through our bodies, connecting various organs and systems. Interestingly, these channels also flow through specific teeth. When there's a deficiency of E-Qi within a channel results in a magnetic field. This magnetic field, in turn, causes pain and discomfort. Furthermore, this deficiency doesn't just affect the specific area but also the tissues, organs, and even teeth associated with that channel. For instance, a tooth linked to a qi-deficient channel may start developing cavities.


The Power of Healing Diseases with Dental Acupuncture

The next logical step is to address these deficiencies and restore balance. This is where Healing Diseases with Dental Acupuncture comes into play. By targeting the specific channels experiencing Qi deficiency with dental electro-acupuncture protocols, we can increase the electrical energy within these channels. This alleviates pain and restores function to the interconnected organs and tissues, promoting overall health.


Top 4 Dental Issues Targeted by Dental Electro-Acupuncture

As we delve deeper into the practice of Treating Disease through Dental Electro-Acupuncture, it is crucial to address the most severe and most common tooth issues that can significantly impact our overall health. Here, we will highlight the top four tooth conditions and how dental electro-acupuncture can aid in their treatment and management.

1.  Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The fire channels flow through the wisdom teeth. 280 million Americans have had at least 1 wisdom tooth extracted. Unfortunately, 90% of wisdom tooth extractions fail and become silent infections called cavitations, which steal qi from the Ht, Si, Te, and Pc channels. The autonomic nervous system is related to the Te/Pc channels.

2.   Mercury Fillings

Mercury fillings, although commonly used in dentistry, can interfere with electricity production in the mitochondria. This is because mercury Ions actually stop the mitochondria from producing ATP. Instead, they start making OH+, a powerful free radical that damages tissues and causes inflammation.

3.  Root Canal Treated Teeth

Root canal procedures lead to dead teeth, which can become a source of chronic inflammation and infection in the body, leading to E-Qi deficiencies. By using dental electro-acupuncture, we can identify these disruptions and aim to balance the affected channels, potentially reducing inflammation, improving overall health outcomes, and regulating the immune system.

4.    Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are a problem because each has a membrane designed to eat away tissue so the tooth can erupt into the mouth. When the tooth does not erupt normally, it stays below the surface, slowly eating away at healthy tissue, creating a hole.


Dental Acupuncture and Pain Management: An Effective Approach

There is a vital link between Dental Acupuncture and Pain Management. Instead of relying solely on conventional pain relief methods, acupuncture offers a holistic approach. It doesn't merely address the symptoms; it targets the root cause of the problem – the E-Qi deficiency. By managing specific channels related to pain, we can diminish these magnetic fields, providing natural, long-lasting relief.


Advanced Electro Acupuncture Protocols: The Key to Total Body Healing

In our quest, Advanced Electro Acupuncture Protocols are a critical piece of the puzzle for total body healing. These protocols offer us a roadmap to accurately target areas of deficiency and restore balance in the body's electrical energy. These protocols are not random but are based on years of research and understanding of the intricate relationships between our teeth, organs, and overall health.


The Importance of the Best Electro-Acupuncture Protocols in Dental Healing

When it comes to dental healing, the Best Electro Acupuncture Protocols can make a significant difference in patient outcomes. These protocols are designed with a specific understanding of the connections between dental health and overall well-being. It's a comprehensive approach that considers the body as a whole rather than isolated parts.


Ensuring the Effectiveness of Electro-Acupuncture: Following the Protocols

Adopting these protocols are essential, but more than merely assuming them is required. Ensuring that these Protocols for Effective Electro Acupuncture are followed correctly and consistently is crucial for achieving the desired outcomes. It requires a deep understanding, precise application, and continuous practice to fully harness the power of these protocols.


Conclusion: Embrace the Future of Healing

The Acupuncture Dental Connection presents a full path to total body healing. By comprehending the intricate relationships between our teeth, acupuncture channels, and overall health, we can effectively use electro-acupuncture to treat the root cause of disease.


Auricular Acupuncture and Dental Health

As we delve into the depths of electroacupuncture, it is essential to understand the role of auricular acupuncture. Often overlooked, these points provide a gateway to effectively addressing dental concerns via acupuncture. The ears are a microsystem, reflecting the entire body. We can target the corresponding teeth by treating specific points and improving overall oral and systemic health.


Unleashing the Power of Electro-Acupuncture

So, what does this all mean for you as a practitioner? The Dental Acupuncture Channel Connection and the science of treating disease through dental acupuncture open up opportunities. Not only can you alleviate your patients' pain and discomfort, but you can also address the root cause of their ailments. Embracing advanced electro-acupuncture protocols, you can offer a holistic, practical, and innovative approach to treatment.


Ready to Explore More?

If you're eager to deepen your understanding and want to learn how to apply these concepts in your practice, then we have the perfect resource for you. Accompanying this blog is an informative video tutorial, where I walk you through the details of the Dental Acupuncture Channel Connection, the auricular acupuncture points for each tooth, and so much more. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your practice with these groundbreaking techniques. Watch the “Treating Disease through Dental Electro-Acupuncture” video here.

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We trust you found this article, “Treating Disease Through Dental Electro Acupuncture” informative and enlightening. Now, you're equipped to apply this knowledge in your clinic to aid more patients and elevate the standard of our medical field. 

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Peace and Bliss,

Jeremy B. Steiner, MD, Ph.D, DAOM

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