The Complete Electro-Acupuncture Guide to Treating Headaches Like a Pro

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As a licensed acupuncturist, I understand the frustration of seeing patients who suffer from chronic headaches without finding a long-lasting solution. Our patients have been everywhere from the chiropractor to the physical therapist, and even to the neurologist with little or no results. That's why I've put together this comprehensive guide, “The Complete Electro Acupuncture Guide To Treating Headaches Like A Pro.” to help you master how to use electro-acupuncture to become proficient in providing breakthrough relief to your patients.

Let’s Start

Let's start by understanding the science behind this revolutionary treatment. As you likely already know electro-acupuncture is a form of acupuncture that uses a small electric current to add benevolent energy to acupuncture points and tissues. This stimulation enhances the effects of traditional acupuncture, making it a highly effective treatment option for headaches. 

Electricity vs. E-Qi

Not all electricity is created equally. We need to be sure to use what I call E-Qi which is a subset of electricity. It is electricity with all the proper variables such as frequency, amperage, voltage, etc. It is the type of electricity that is most congruent with human biology and physiology.

Headache Differentials And Diagnostics

Now, let's dive into the different types of headaches and their causes. By understanding the root cause of the headache, you can create a personalized treatment plan for your patients.

Primary guiding principle: All disease is a deficiency of E-Qi (Electricity)

Pattern Diagnosis For The Treatment Of Headaches:

Type of Headache:

  1. Occipital = Ub Channel
  2. Vertex = Lr/Gb Channel
  3. Frontal = St/Sp Channel
  4. Parietal = Ht/Si/Te/Pc
  5. Temporal = Lr/Gb
  6. True Migraines = Te/Gb

Keys To Success

The key to mastering electro-acupuncture is proper needle placement and electrical stimulation techniques. In this guide, I will teach you how to administer the treatment correctly to ensure maximum results. You'll also learn how to integrate electro-acupuncture into your current practice and promote your expertise to potential patients.

Success In Taking Action

I have seen incredible success with electro-acupuncture in treating headaches, and I want to share that success with you. By studying this and then implementing these protocols into your clinic you can become an electro-acupuncture expert for headaches and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Take action! Help your patients today by mastering the art of electro-acupuncture for headache relief.

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Jeremy B. Steiner, MD, Ph.D, DAOM

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