The 2 Best Electro-Acupuncture Points For Pain

In this short video, I demonstrate on a real patient my 2 best acupuncture points for pain. As acupuncturists, we have the power to help patients achieve relief quickly and effectively. In particular, electro-acupuncture is an especially useful tool for relieving pain. This method of acupuncture uses electrical stimulation to improve the effectiveness of a treatment session. When used in combination with a key anatomically located acupoint and large intestine 4 (LI4), electro-acupuncture can provide relief from pain in as little as 20 minutes.

Read on to learn more about how these two points work together to reduce pain.


What is Auricular Medicine, and are your 2 best acupuncture points for pain located in the ear?


Auricular Medicine is a form of acupuncture that focuses on points located on the ear. This type of acupuncture is especially useful for treating various types of chronic pain due to its ability to access both somatic and autonomic nervous systems through nerve pathways that travel through the ear. By stimulating this area with electrical current, acupuncturists can send signals directly to the thalamus, which is responsible for modulating sensations such as pain and touch. In addition, Large Intestine 4 (LI4) is a common point used for treating all types of pain. As you likely know already, The LI4 point lies between the thumb and forefinger near the base of the hands and can be stimulated by applying pressure or with electrical current when using electro-acupuncture treatment methods. Did you know that LI4 also exists on the ear and is the same exact acupoint with the same exact functioning?


Can the 2 best acupuncture points for pain help with the opioid epidemic?


Stimulating this point activates endogenous opioids—natural chemicals that inhibit painful sensations—and thus helps relieve pain more quickly than other forms of acupuncture alone. When combined with auricular medicine treatments, LI4 offers even more effective results in less time—patients can expect full relief from their symptoms within 20 minutes!

To demonstrate how powerful these two points work together, one study found that after just 1 treatment involving electro-auricular acupuncture at LI4, patients reported a significant reduction in their level of persistent low back pain compared to those who received conventional treatments alone.


Conclusion: Electro-acupuncture is the best way to provide fast relief from pain when done properly.

What are your 2 best electro acupuncture points for pain?


Watch this short video demonstration where I provide all the details you need to implement this in your clinic to help many more patients.

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–Jeremy B. Steiner, MD, Ph.D, DAOM

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