Four Needle Treatments: Maximizing Patient Outcomes While Minimizing Needles

Four Needle Treatments: Maximizing Patient Outcomes While Minimizing Needles


Do you routinely use 10, 20, or even 30 needles per acupuncture session? 

What if there's a way to reduce this number to just four needles while simultaneously supercharging your patient results? 

Imagine no more unnecessary needles, significantly improved patient comfort, and a dramatic enhancement in therapeutic outcomes. 

If you want in on this game-changing method, stay with me 'til the end as I share one of the most profound evolutions in my practice that has empowered me to revolutionize patient care and streamline my practice. 

This blog will unravel what you might be doing in your current acupuncture practice that may need to be modified to fully optimizing patient outcomes. We'll explore how to remedy this and demonstrate what you can do to transform your patient experiences into consistent therapeutic breakthroughs! 

Ok, now let's dive in!


In today's fast-paced world of healthcare, practitioners are continuously looking for methods to deliver optimal acupuncture benefits while streamlining their treatments. Over time, my approach has shifted to focus on precision and efficiency through a minimalist framework – the “Four Needle Treatment.” 

This technique involves limiting my treatment to only four needles per patient, enabling accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment effectively. The method relies on three pivotal questions: 

  • Which acupuncture channel is deficient? 
  • What E-Qi leaks are present? 
  • Finally, what lifestyle elements can we subtract or add to facilitate healing, such as altering nutrition or reducing WiFi exposure? 

This innovative acupuncture technique has shown impressive improvements in patient health and wellbeing, particularly when enhanced with electro-acupuncture therapy.


Electro-acupuncture Benefits and the Evolution of the Four-Needle Treatment

Reflecting on my early practice days, a significant turning point came about eight years ago with a geriatric patient suffering from a severe frozen shoulder. I applied roughly 20 needles across various body and ear acupuncture points following standard acupuncture protocols. The result was less than satisfactory; the patient's pain increased, and sleep was disrupted, leading to a setback.

However, it was this failure that illuminated a path toward a more refined approach. For the follow-up treatment, I restricted myself to four carefully selected needles, using an electro-point finder to locate points more accurately, integrating electro-acupuncture techniques into the session. The patient experienced a remarkable 80% reduction in pain and discomfort. This encounter ignited a profound transformation in my practice, leading me to explore and perfect the four-needle method, enhanced with electro-acupuncture benefits.


Why Fewer Needles Work Better

Typical acupuncture therapy can involve 10 to 30 needles per session, with dry needling treatments using even more. This excessive needle application can lead to patient discomfort and confuse the body's bio-system, particularly if patients are deficient in vital energy or Qi. 

Using fewer needles, especially when combining standard acupuncture techniques with electro-acupuncture, allows the body's healing energy to focus on specific issues per treatment. This concept aligns with Acupuncture masters such as Master Tung, who often used four or fewer needles in his treatments. This shift towards precision in point selection over quantity represents a significant transformation in traditional thinking, leading to vastly improved acupuncture benefits. Furthermore, when integrating the principles of electro-acupuncture in practice, the therapeutic effects are magnified, contributing to better patient outcomes.

Transforming Your Practice through Four Needles and Electro-acupuncture

The benefits of the four-needle technique extend beyond patient well-being. Shorter treatment times, enhanced by the efficiency of electro-acupuncture therapy, lead to quicker patient turnover and a fuller practice schedule. A satisfied patient is more likely to become a referral machine, promoting your practice organically. Moreover, the incredible first-visit results that the four-needle approach combined with electro-acupuncture can yield help erase any patient skepticism. This confidence improves overall treatment adherence, leading to better health outcomes. For practitioners eager to enhance their skills, we offer many online electro-acupuncture classes, providing in-depth knowledge on learning electro-acupuncture protocols. Click here for more details www.electro-acupuncturemedicine.com

Easing Into the Four-Needle Approach and Electro-acupuncture

For practitioners accustomed to using more needles, the transition to the four-needle technique might seem daunting. Yet, gradual adaptation is key. Start by halving your needle count, gradually reducing it until you reach four. 

With long-term patients who may resist change, maintain your usual method while implementing the four-needle system with new patients. Simultaneously, consider online electro-acupuncture classes to understand the principles and techniques involved better. As you start seeing improved results, you can transition your existing patients to the new approach, integrating electro-acupuncture protocols to enhance therapeutic results further.



The journey from using 20 needles down to four has been enlightening and beneficial for both my patients and my practice. The four-needle treatment, especially when coupled with electro-acupuncture techniques, maximizes outcomes while minimizing needles, promoting efficiency and superior results.

By accurately diagnosing and selecting the right four points, we can aid patients in healing better and faster. Remember, it's about asking the body to respond to our inputs, and by becoming super precise with our inputs, particularly when integrating electro-acupuncture therapy, we achieve significantly better results.



So, let's continue to evolve our practices, always striving for improved patient care. Embrace the opportunities to enhance our skills through acupuncture trainingacupuncture seminars, and electro-acupuncture training. The exploration and learning in this dynamic field are ongoing, helping us serve our patients better each day.


Ready to make the leap and transform your acupuncture practice? If you've been inspired to consider the Four Needle Technique and Electro-Acupuncture, I have just the resource to help you get started.

Download our free guide “The Definitive Guide to 4-Needle Acupuncture Treatments” above that delves deeper into the methodology and practical tips that will best equip you to transition smoothly to using just four needles per session while magnifying your patient outcomes. 

For more comprehensive information and access to a wealth of resources, visit our website at https://electroacupunctureinstitute.com/

If you found this information valuable, why not share it with a colleague who could benefit from this new perspective? Sharing knowledge is how we elevate our practices together.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or experiences you'd like to share, please feel free to leave a comment below. Your insights could help others on their journey to revolutionize their practice.

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Until next time, I'm Dr. Jeremy, urging us all to continually expand and improve our patient care. Let's save some lives, one needle at a time. See you soon!


Peace and Bliss,

Jeremy B. Steiner, MD, Ph.D, DAOM

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