A Simple Yet Powerful Breathing Technique To Improve Your Health

A Simple Yet Powerful Breathing Technique To Improve Your Health

Are you ready to learn how to influence your autonomic nervous system to improve your well-being?

If so, keep reading. In this blog and video, we are diving into targeted breathing exercises designed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. 

Be sure to download our guide, “Instructions For Performing The Benevolent Qi Spliff Exercise”. 

Are you ready to take the first step? I am more than ready! Let's go!

In a world where health often comes with complex solutions, Qigong offers a refreshingly simple yet powerful breathing technique that stands to improve overall well-being with just a few deep breaths. This ancient practice, deeply rooted in the principles of Chinese medicine, invites us on a journey back to the basics, where breath is not just a necessity of life but a pathway to healing.


Discovering the Healing Power of E-Qi through Qigong

For many of us, pursuing health leads to a maze of medical advice and a myriad of treatments. Yet, one remedy has stood the test of time: the breathing regimen of Qigong. This holistic exercise isn't just about moving your body; it's about harnessing your E-Qi—your vital energy—and guiding it through your system to revitalize your entire being.


My Introduction to Chinese Medicine and Pengu Sheng Gong

Before I ventured into the world of acupuncture, my first encounter with Chinese medicine was through Pengu Sheng Gong, a style of Qigong that emphasizes healing through movement and breath. While I'm not at liberty to teach the specifics, the excellent news is that with online lessons, this powerful practice is accessible to anyone interested in exploring its depths.


The Cellular Charge of E-Qi and Its Miracles

Imagine your body as a smartphone that's been used all day. By evening, you're searching for a charger. In Qigong, your body is the phone, and E-Qi is the electricity. The practice is akin to plugging yourself in and recharging your vital energy, just like you would recharge your phone's battery. With regular practice, your health bar will increase steadily.


Absorbing and Circulating Qi: The Rhythm of Health

Qigong is fundamentally about absorbing and circulating Qi. With each motion and breath, you invite more life force into your body and guide it through every inch of your physical self. This constant flow for a few minutes a day is all it takes to feel the shift, invite healing, and ignite the energy that fuels your vitality.


Balancing Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Tones through Breath

Understanding the balance between your sympathetic and parasympathetic tones is crucial in managing stress and promoting relaxation. Qigong teaches us to manipulate our breathing to adjust these tones. For instance, we would focus on slower inhalations and faster exhalations to increase sympathetic tone before a workout. Conversely, to enhance our parasympathetic tone, we would do just the opposite, leading our body into a state of rest and digestion.


The Link Between the Autonomic Nervous System and Electro-Acupuncture

Our autonomic nervous system is at the heart of this balance, impacting our health significantly. In electro-acupuncture, understanding the interplay between these systems is crucial. When we breathe in a way that harmonizes our sympathetic and parasympathetic tones, we are preparing our body to respond better to treatments like acupuncture.


Try This Now: The Benevolent Qi Exercise

Let me introduce you to an exercise I like to call the “benevolent Qi exercise.” It might have a quirky name, but the technique is straightforward and effective. It involves a quick inhale and a slow exhale through the nose. This method tilts the scales towards the parasympathetic side, dialing down stress and ushering in tranquility.


Breathing Techniques: A Tool for Addressing Health Concerns

Even serious health concerns, like high blood pressure, can be addressed using correct breathing techniques. Within electro-acupuncture, such conditions are often linked to imbalances in the body's energetic channels. By employing breathing techniques that harmonize our internal systems, we can begin to correct these imbalances and improve conditions like hypertension.


Electro Acupuncture Practitioners: Incorporating Breathing into Your Protocols

For electroacupuncture practitioners, incorporating these Qigong breathing techniques into their protocols can add a new dimension to their practice. As you guide patients through these exercises, you offer them a temporary fix and a lifelong tool for managing their health.

As we wrap up, remember that breathing is not just a function but a skill that, when mastered, can significantly improve health and well-being. Whether you're a practitioner looking to expand your toolkit or someone on a personal quest for better health, the Qigong breathing regimen is a simple yet profoundly profound practice to explore. So,

please take a moment to breathe deeply, and let's embrace the flow of E-Qi together.


Integrating Breathing Techniques into Daily Practice

Now that you're familiar with the power of breathing, you might wonder how to integrate these practices into your daily routine. It's as simple as taking a few minutes daily to focus on your breath. Whether between appointments or taking a short break at home, breathing exercises can quickly and efficiently recalibrate your body's energy and stress levels.


Sharing the Gift of Health

If the power of Qigong and the science of E-Qi have resonated with you, I encourage you to share these practices with others. Teaching a simple yet powerful breathing technique could be the most valuable gift you give to someone — the gift of health. As electro acupuncture professionals, we have a unique opportunity to merge ancient wisdom with modern science, creating a ripple effect of wellness in our communities.

Watch the “A Simple Yet Powerful Breathing Technique To Improve Your Health” video here!


A Final Note on Self-Care and Continuing Education

With training, we pave the way for recovery and a return to vitality. 

If this blog has ignited interest in a more integrated and enlightened approach to wellness, we have the resources to support your journey.

Download our guide, “Instructions For Performing The Benevolent Qi Spliff Exercise”.

We invite you to visit our website at https://electroacupunctureinstitute.com/ for a deeper understanding of these concepts and access to additional valuable resources.

Has this journey into breathing resonated with you? If so, we encourage you to spread the word amongst peers and loved ones who value the depth and breadth of holistic health practices.


Peace and Bliss,

Jeremy B. Steiner, MD, PhD, DAOM


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